How to Clean Alloy Wheels

alloy wheelsAlloy wheels are susceptible to staining from brake dust. You don’t clean this part of the car the way you clean the rest of the automobile. Learn how to clean alloy wheels the right way to achieve that clean and polished shine you love.

What Are Alloy Wheels?

Alloy simply refers to a combination of two or more metals. Most alloy wheels consist of magnesium, nickel, and aluminum. The aluminum may be from cast aluminum or the higher quality billet aluminum. Steel is also an alloy, so if you have steel wheels, you have alloy wheels. The steps for cleaning steel and other types of alloy wheels are more or less the same. Continue Reading →

Does Acid Rain Damage Your Car?

acid rain car damageKey questions about acid rain: What is acid rain? Is acid rain harmful for your car paint? Is acid rain prevalent in the Lynnwood area? We’ll explain how acid rain damages cars and what you can do about it. The impact can leave a permanent blemish if you don’t take swift action.

What Is Acid Rain?

Despite the name, acid rain does not consist of highly acidic droplets that melt anything they come into contact with. The term simply refers to rainwater with high levels of hydrogen ions. Because of high levels of sulfur and nitrogen emissions in the air, water may contain sulfuric and nitric acids. Acid rain may become acidic to a small degree, but nowhere near burning levels.

Lynnwood, being a fairly sizable city, also contain traces of these emissions as well as other pollutants in the air. Vaporized contaminants also find their way into acid rain. Continue Reading →

Should You Wash Your Car Before or After the Rain?

car washYou plan to wash your car but the forecast indicates a rainy day. Should you wash your car before or after the rain? Should you not wash your car at all and let the rain water do the cleaning? We’ll provide an educated answer based on our own industry expertise.

Best Time to Wash a Car

First, we must point out that rain will NOT clean your car. In fact, it will make your car dirtier. Rain water collects contaminants on its way down. As the contaminated water lands and dries on your car, it leaves behind water spots on the paint. The effects are also just as pronounced on the windows and headlights.

If you still need to wash your car, should you do it before or after the rain? Ideally, we believe washing before is the best option. We are talking about a thorough wash and wax. The wax is especially helpful because it will repel the rain water off the car’s surface. Continue Reading →

How to Remove Makeup Stains from Car Upholstery

remove makeup stainsAside from talking on the phone and eating, putting on makeup is another form of distracted driving. This is not only a safety liability, but you also risk staining the interior. Sometimes they’re bad enough that only we can restore vehicle interiors with lipstick, nail polish, or eyeliner stains. But there are ways for you to remove some makeup stains from car upholstery.

DIY Makeup Stain Removal

Before we list the steps, we must point out that the method isn’t failproof. No DIY method is guaranteed to work, especially if dealing with a dried stain. Most cosmetics are oil-based, which quickly oxidize and dries. Only a professional vehicle detailing can remove stubborn makeup stains.

You can try removing the stains yourself with this simple step-by-step process:

1.   Dip a cotton cloth in an ammonia solution and place the cloth over the stain for 10 minutes.

2.   Apply baking soda atop the stain and let sit for another five to 10-minutes.

3.   Wipe clean with a microfiber cloth Continue Reading →

How to Remove Chocolate Stains from Car Upholstery

remove chocolate stainsValentine’s Day is around the corner. If you have a significant other, then that means gift exchanges. This may include Hershey’s Kisses and heart-shaped boxes of chocolate. If you or your partner consumes any of that chocolate in the car, you could potentially stain the upholstery. We’ll explain the process for how to remove chocolate stains from a car’s upholstery.

How to Remove Chocolate Stains: A Step-by-Step Process

Did you drop that piece of See’s Chocolate and smoosh it into the car seat? If the stain dried, then you may need to bring the car to a vehicle detailing center. However, DIY removal is possible if you treat the stain right away. Here’s how you do it:

1. Remove as much of the chocolate as you can with a plastic spoon

2. Create a homemade cleaning mixture using two cups of cold water and one tablespoon of liquid dish soap. Continue Reading →

How to Remove a Protein Shake Stain

protein shake stainWorking out more is perhaps the most common New Year’s resolution. With more exercise comes more whey protein shake consumption. You may prepare a shake and consume it on the car ride back from the gym. If you’re not careful, the contents may spill all over the upholstery. Can you remove a protein shake stain, or is the car cabin destined to smell like a powdered chocolate shake forever?

Protein Shake Stain Removal: The Step-By-Step Process

Removing any stain requires a specific process. The steps below don’t just apply to protein shakes but also to any protein-based liquids. This includes dairy products, baby formula, vomit, urine, and sweat. You can’t just apply an upholstery spray and wipe with a cloth. You need to apply a multi-step process to fully restore the fabric or leather.

The Steps

1. Use a paper towel to remove as much of the stain as possible. Use a blunt knife to remove solids embedded deep in the fabric.

2. Soak the material in cold water. For dried stains, use an enzymatic soaking agent.

3. Remove the fabric if you can, and machine wash the material in cold water. Use an enzyme-based detergent. Add bleach if the stain is exceptionally bright or dark in color.

A word of caution: avoid the enzymes if the fabric is silk or wool. Instead, stick to a conventional cleaner.

The steps above may not fully remove long-dried protein stains. In this case, you will need to bring the car to a vehicle detailing station.

We Remove Protein Shake Stains

Car protein shake spills increase in January. This is no surprise since more people are making resolutions to stay in shape. To keep your car in shape, bring it to Henry’s Auto Detail for an interior detail and exterior wash and wax. Removing a protein shake stain may require professional servicing.

Car Upholstery Stain Removal

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Give A Christmas Car Detailing Gift This Year!

Christmas car detailingHaving a hard time deciding on the ideal gift for your loved one? Here is a novel idea: how about a Christmas car detailing gift? This may be a good option if you have already exhausted all other ideas. A surprise car restoration a few days before or after the holidays will surly put a smile on the recipient’s face.

Why Car Detailing as a Christmas Present?

Why not? In past years, you may have given conventional gifts, such as a watch, bracelet, leather wallet, or handbag. After a few years, you just run out of ideas. Coming up with a gift is especially a difficult decision when the recipient isn’t a materialistic person. A detail is also a nice gift if the owner tends to neglect basic car care aesthetics. Continue Reading →

The Benefits of Detailing Your Uber Car

Uber car detailingAre you an Uber driver or do plan to become one? Here is a special post for you. As a driver making money off your vehicle, you have to keep the car in presentable condition. This is why we recommend detailing your Uber car. We’ll go over how a simple detailing can enhance your ability to earn a living.

Car Detailing Boosts Your ratings

Passengers rate their Uber driver. Drivers with ratings below a 4.6 are no longer on good terms with the company. Various factors contribute to a good rating, such as professionalism, courtesy, willingness to make small talk, etc. Another factor is the comfort of the ride. Passengers may not feel comfortable if the car interior appears outdated, has shaggy upholstery, or has odors. Continue Reading →

Is A Car Air Freshener Safe?

car air freshenerFoul odors can arise quickly in a car interior due to the enclosed space. You can easily remedy this with a scented product. But you need to ask: How safe is a car air freshener? A lot of these products, after all, contain artificial chemicals.

Why A Car Air Freshener May Not Be Safe

Some people spray a typical home air freshener into the car cabin. Others hang one of those tree-shaped fresheners on the rearview mirror. The problem is that a lot of these products contain Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). According to Scientific American, VOCs may aggravate symptoms of common allergies and asthma. Continue Reading →

Remove Bug Splatter from Your Vehicle

remove bug splatterAccording to Insect Identification, 306 known species of bugs exist in the state of Washington. Insects seem to be everywhere in the fall season. If you commute long enough, you will eventually end up with bug remnants on your windshield or paint. We’ll explain how to remove bug splatter from your car without damaging the paint or glass.

Acquire a Bug Remover Spray

The first step is to buy a bug remover spray, which you can find at your local automotive store. The conventional WD-40 spray works as a bug remover as well. You can also opt for a homemade remedy by placing a dryer sheet in a spray bottle with water. Continue Reading →