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wash and waxA car looks much more attractive when its freshly washed and waxed, and since you’re connected with it, you look better, too! Regular washes help preserve the finish, and a hand car wash and wax is far superior to taking your vehicle to an automatic car wash.

A Car Wash and Wax Protects Your Vehicle’s Finish

If you run your car through an automatic car wash, you run the risk of ‘swirl’ marks appearing on its finish. Caused by dirt particle accumulation in the brushes and/or drying chamois, these can become like sandpaper on your car’s painted surfaces. It’s especially noticeable if your car is a darker color, and once these swirl marks appear they can be very difficult to remove.

What’s more, the wheel rims of some older model cars may become scratched or scraped going through an automatic car wash. And your car’s undercarriage and undercoating can be scraped and damaged as the automatic brushes move underneath its sides. For many reasons, a hand car wash and wax is always the better alternative.

Hand Car Wash and Wax: You Know Your Vehicle’s Clean

car wash and waxWhen performing a hand car wash and wax, Henry’s Auto Detail uses clean water and cloths every time. And we use multiple buckets during the process so your car isn’t contaminated with dirty water. Our vehicle detailing process involves cleaning a small area at a time to lift off dirt, as opposed to scrubbing it down into the finish of your car.

We also offer expert restoration service to restore the like-new shine and protection of a new vehicle. Call us to set an appointment today, and be sure to ask about our special offers!

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