How to Get Sand Out of Your Car in Lynnwood

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With summer in full swing, this means fun trips to the beach. Of course, the beach means sand, which ends up in your shoes and clothing. This transfers to your car’s interior. So, we’ll explain how to get sand out of your car and how to prevent long-term staining.


Of course, prevention is the best remedy. Consider placing a blanket over the seat. Also, be sure the floor mat is properly positioned and not sideways or curled up. Also, brush off all sand from your clothes before getting inside. 

Clean the Sand out Right Away

As soon as you can after you arrive home, remove the mats and seat covers. Shake everything out and vacuum over the surface. If you wait too long, the sand can embed itself deeper into the fabric, causing discoloration. At this stage, removal will require professional vehicle detailing.

Removing Sand from the Exterior

Remove sand from the exterior of your car, too. Sand may contain salt residue, which can scratch and corrode the paint. We recommend a thorough car wash using osmosized water. 

Be sure to wash the hard-to-reach areas, such as the wheel rims and wheel arches. Salt residue easily accumulates in these areas and can cause rust on the metal surface. We suggest using a wheel wash brush. Arrange for a full wash after a trip to the beach or any coastal area. This includes a wax to protect the surface. 

If you can prevent doing so, refrain from driving directly over sand, especially wet sand.

We Can Get Sand Out of Your Car

Sand may seem harmless and easy to remove, but it can cause quite a bit of cosmetic damage. After a trip to the beach, bring your car to Henry’s Auto Detail for a restoration. We can get sand out of a car and divert potential long-term staining and rusting. 

Getting the Sand out of Car Interior and Exteriors for Lynnwood Residents

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