The Cause of Car Paint Oxidization and How to Prevent It in Lynnwood

car paint oxidization lynnwoodYou’ve just brought that shiny new car or truck home in Lynnwood; you love how it looks! But how do you keep it that way? Unless you keep it out of the elements, under cover in the garage, it will begin to lose its glorious shine. When car paint oxidization sets in, the paint surface loses the appearance of depth and becomes dull. 

What Is Car Paint Oxidization?

Many believe the paint on vehicles dulls as a result of buildup from contaminants such as road salt and acid in rain. Actually, the uppermost layer of the paint may have oxidized. This is caused by long-term humidity exposure. Once extensive oxidization sets in, the only way to bring back the shine is to have the vehicle repainted. 

So…How Can You Prevent It?

To preserve the shine, you need to regularly “feed” the uppermost paint layer. To do this, apply a generous coat of wax regularly. This provides a protective layer over the paint. If the oxidization is only minor, you might be able to restore the shine by using a buffer and a polish, glaze, or sealant. This process requires some finesse, however; if you have a clear coat finish, buffing too deeply may erode it. 

We’ll Help You!

Because the task of restoring the shine to oxidized paint can be complex, we recommend leaving this aspect of the vehicle detail to Henry’s Auto Detail. Depending on the extent of oxidization and type of finish, contact us to see if we can restore the car’s shine. We also recommend regular vehicle detailing visits to prevent car paint oxidization.

Auto Detailing and Car Paint Oxidization Prevention in Lynnwood

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Posted on July 3, 2021 | Published by Ignite Local | Related Local Business