Are Car Air Fresheners Safe for Mill Creek Drivers?

car air freshener Do you want your vehicle to have that ‘new car’ smell? Because we spend so much time driving, eat, drinking coffee, and basically living in our cars and trucks, it doesn’t take long for them to take on that ‘lived in’ smell. You may try to remedy this situation with a scented product. But you need to ask: How safe are car air fresheners? A lot of these products, after all, contain artificial chemicals.

Why Car Air Fresheners May Not Be Safe

Many of us have hung one of those tree-shaped fresheners on the rearview mirror. The problem is that a lot of these products contain Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). According to Scientific American, VOCs have been shown to aggravate symptoms of common allergies and asthma.

Another study by the National Resource Defense Council tested 14 air freshener products purchased at Walgreens. Researchers concluded that most of the fresheners contain chemicals that may cause reproductive issues.

Should You Stop Using Air Fresheners?

Although we can’t say with conviction that you shouldn’t use these products, we recommend you exercise caution. There are other choices to consider. Here’s one great option: Make your own natural freshener by pouring a few drops of your favorite essential oil on a felt cloth and hanging it from the rearview mirror. You can even snip it into the shape of a tree!

You can also remove most odors by removing the source of the smell. This can be done through a professional vehicle detail. Most odors come from the upholstery, particularly if you eat or smoke in the car.

We Remove Car Cabin Odors

Our restoration work also includes odor removal. Contact us at Henry’s Auto Detail in Lynnwood if your car is starting to smell like dirty socks. Look at our testimonials to see why we’re the area’s trusted auto detailing service. Consider natural alternatives for a fresh-smelling vehicle.

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