How to Remove Melted Candy Stains from Car Upholstery in Lynnwood

melted candy stains lynnwoodDo you need help with melted candy stains in your vehicle in Lynnwood? Baskets with sugary bunnies and bright-colored jelly beans have replaced marshmallow hearts and chocolate roses. Some of this stuff might end up melted or smashed on your car seats, carpets and mats, and even on the dash and door panels.  Here are some tips for the removal of sweet treats. These steps can also be used in the home.  

Confection Ejection

  • Using cold water, moisten the candy to dissolve the sugar. Don’t try to remove sticky stuff by just pulling; you may damage the fabric or carpet.
  • Gently scrape the solids with a spoon. Go slowly! If it doesn’t loosen easily, you might need to schedule professional vehicle detailing.
  • Lightly dampen the area with a fabric stain remover and dab with a cloth.
  • White vinegar on a fresh cloth may finish the job nicely.

Dashboard Smorgasbord

  • Have an extension cord handy, and then use your hairdryer to soften the candy. 
  • Again, use a spoon to gently remove solids.
  • Wipe the remaining residue up with warm water, a bit of dish liquid, and a soft cloth.
  • You can also try a little baking soda and a damp cloth.
  • Certain candies have food dyes that are going to need enzyme digesters.  ALWAYS test these products first on an inconspicuous spot  beforehand. 

Sweet Adieu to Melted Candy Stains in Lynnwood! 

After you’ve done what you can, if stains persist, bring your car to Henry’s Auto Detail.  For more than 15 years our happy customers have counted on us for washing, waxing, and restoration. We’ve built a sweet reputation, one customer and one vehicle at a time.

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