The Benefits of Uber Car Detailing in Lynnwood

Uber car detailing lynnwoodAre you an Uber driver or do you plan to become one? Here’s a special post for you. As a driver making money off your vehicle, you have to keep the car in presentable condition. This is why we recommend detailing your Uber car. We’ll go over how a simple detailing can enhance your ability to earn a living.

Uber Car Detailing Boosts Your Ratings

Passengers rate their Uber driver. Drivers with ratings below a 4.6 are no longer on good terms with the company. Various factors contribute to a good rating, such as professionalism, courtesy, willingness to make small talk, etc. Another factor is the comfort of the ride. Passengers may not feel comfortable if the car interior appears outdated, has shaggy upholstery, or has odors.

Many drivers can attest that the occasional passenger spills a drink or vomits on the upholstery. A vehicle detail can remove stains and traces of passengers’ expelled bodily fluids.

We also recommend a wash and wax to help the vehicle stand out during daylight hours. A shiny and sparkly exterior should earn you a few positive tick marks.

Uber May Reimburse Cleaning Fees

In some cases, Uber covers car cleaning fees for messes caused by the passenger. As soon as the mess occurs, take multiple photos of it and report it to the company. Be sure to keep the cleaning receipt as well. We aren’t in the Uber business, so we suggest speaking to an actual Uber driver or representative to learn more about cleaning reimbursements.

We Detail Uber Cars Inside and Out

The car is the lifeblood of an Uber driver. Bring your vehicle to Henry’s Auto Detail to restore the interior and exterior to acceptable customers’ standards. Detailing an Uber car just might bump up your scores; passengers may even give you a higher-than-usual tip. Contact us today!

Full Uber Car Detailing for Lynnwood

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Posted on October 1, 2020 | Published by Ignite Local | Related Local Business