Remove Bug Splatter from Your Vehicle in Woodway

remove bug splatter WoodwayAccording to insect identification, over 300 known species of bugs exist in the state of Washington. Insects seem to be everywhere in the fall season. If you commute long enough, you’ll eventually end up with bug remnants on your windshield or paint. We’ll explain how to remove bug splatter from your car without damaging the paint or glass.

Acquire a Bug Remover Spray

The first step is to buy a bug remover spray, which you can find at your local automotive store. The conventional WD-40 spray works as a bug remover as well. You can also opt for a homemade remedy by placing a dryer sheet in a spray bottle with water.

Remove the Bug Splatter

You should remove bug splatter when it’s still fresh. Once the guts and gunk harden, you may not be able to remove the remnants without damaging the paint. In this instance, you’ll need to restore the surface at a professional auto detailer.

While the bug splatter is still fresh, spray the bug remover on a towel and place the towel over the splatter for about three minutes. Remove the towel and wipe the stain away using a microfiber material. We recommend a microfiber mesh sponge or squeegee.

We also recommend cleaning the entire car after removing the splatter. This ensures you remove any remaining traces of critter residue. Top this off by waxing the car. Car wax provides a coating that prevents insect splat from bonding with the auto paint.

We Remove Bug Remnants from Woodway Vehicles

You will encounter insects everywhere in the Woodway area during the fall season. Whether the splatter is a common housefly or the rarer blinded sphinx moth, remove the stain ASAP. Bring your vehicle to Henry’s Auto Detail to remove bug splatter and other remnants that bond with the car paint. Contact us today for more information!

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