How to Protect Your Car from Road Salt Corrosion this Winter

salt corrosion, car corrosion, road salt corrosionIn winter, salt is spread on the road to melt ice and enable tires to contact the pavement. Unfortunately, the salt also has the unintended consequence of damaging your car paint. Let’s look at how you can prevent car corrosion from road salt

How Road Salt Causes Car Corrosion

Salt chemically turns ice back into liquid H2O. This enables the tires to make contact with and grip the road instead of the ice.

The problem is that road salt is also corrosive. Repeated exposure can lead to rust. This doesn’t just include the frame but also sensitive parts of the suspension, such as the subframe and the brakes.

The damage is compounded after parking inside a garage where the water evaporates. This leaves behind a coating of salt on the undercarriage where it slowly eats away at the metal’s surface.

How to Prevent Road Salt Damage

Wash and wax your car often during winter. We also suggest a wax sealant on top of the wax for better adhesion. If the car has scratches, we suggest having them removed. Scratches expose the metal, making that surface especially vulnerable to rust. An automotive restoration service can buff out visible scratches.

After a long trip, hose down the undercarriage. We suggest doing this daily when you’ve finished driving for the day. It’s a hassle, but this step prevents parts like the struts, joints, and shocks from rusting.

We also recommend protecting the interior. Road salt can stain the vehicle’s upholstery, including vinyl and leather surfaces. Be sure the mats are properly aligned with the car floor and keep both feet on the mat.

We Restore Vehicles After Prolonged Exposure to the Elements

The Pacific Northwest does get cold enough to warrant the use of road salt. Our full vehicle detailing can protect the exterior and interior from winter elements. Bring your vehicle to Henry’s Auto Detail to prevent car corrosion from road salt.

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