How to Secure a Christmas Tree to Your Car

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Unless you have a truck, you will probably need to secure your Christmas tree to the car roof. You have to be certain the tree is tied down tight so it won’t come loose. Here’s how to secure a Christmas tree and how an unsecured tree could damage your car.

How a Christmas Tree Can Damage a Car

If a tree is not properly tied down, it can scrape against the car’s surface. The pine needles can scratch the roof’s paint and windows. A loose tree has even been known to tear the door seal.

Even worse, a tree could come completely loose and fall on the road and endanger fellow motorists. This is a far graver implication because scratches to the car can simply be reversed through professional restoration. A fir tree that ends up on the road, though, can cause a serious accident. According to AAA, trees falling off of cars accounted for over 2,000 car crashes in the U.S. between 2013 and 2017.

How to Secure a Christmas Tree the Right Way

If a pickup truck is not available, then use a car with a roof rack. Tie down the tree using heavy-duty nylon rope, ratchet straps, or bungee cords.

Some people without a roof rack improvise by rolling down the window to pass the rope through the cabin. This is acceptable but not the most effective method. A better alternative is to tie the two ends of a web strap into stopper knots. Secure the strap in the top of the door. This gives you loops for fastening the rope or cord.

We Remove Auto Paint Scratches

Our exterior detailing can remove scratches caused by pine needles. Bring your car to Henry’s Auto Detail for a complete wash and wax. The wax further smooths out scratches. Knowing how to secure a Christmas tree is a good way to prevent scratches.

Auto Paint Scratch Removal

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