How to Remove Car Mold

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Mold isn’t just a problem inside the home. If the conditions are right, it can also grow inside a car’s cabin. Due to the closed and tight quarters of a car’s interior, the presence of mold can even be more hazardous. Here’s how to identify, remove, and prevent car mold.

How Does Mold Grow in Your Car?

Mold thrives in damp and poorly ventilated conditions. Mold typically appears in the car’s upholstery, dashboard, and mats. This occurs when these areas are exposed to water, such as from rain or a flood. The same can happen if a spill occurs and it’s not promptly wiped up. If you let the water linger with no opportunity for the interior to air out, then mold can grow in as little as two to three days.

DIY Mold Removal

Bleach is often the most frequently recommended material for mold elimination. However, this substance only kills surface mold. A more sensible remedy is to use a solution of water and borax. The latter has a high pH level, making it an effective mold killer. Alternatively, you can use distilled white vinegar. Be warned, though, that while effective, this will leave a strong odor.

To be certain you remove mold completely, we suggest a professional interior vehicle detailing.

Prevent Mold Growth

If you detect water inside your car cabin, immediately dry the area using a towel. Even if the surface appears dry, open the doors and/or windows to provide ample ventilation. For the upholstery, mold can grow deep into the foam. In this instance, you may require professional cleaning or even a total seat replacement if the growth is severe.

We Eliminate Car Mold

We don’t just wash and wax a vehicle and restore its exterior surface. We also take care of the interior; which includes removing dangerous car mold. Bring your car to Henry’s Auto Detail for a complete detail. Removing car mold is essential for driver and passenger wellness.

Car Interior Cleaning

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