Washing Tinted Car Windows: A 101 Guide

washing tinted windows

Tinted windows especially add to the glam of a street performance car. However, the tint also requires regular maintenance. Otherwise, bubbles will start to form. Washing tinted car windows requires a very specific process compared to washing regular windows.

Washing Tinted Car Windows the Right Way

The two main materials you need are a microfiber cloth and ammonia-free soap mixed in water. We suggest that you wash the windows last when washing your car, and avoid washing the edges of the window. Water and soap can seep between the glass and tint, leading to the dreaded bubbles. If bubbles do form, force the air out of the bubble by pushing the air out using a credit card or similar object.

Wipe in a vertical direction across the entire window and again horizontally. Do the same when you’re wiping the window dry with a dry microfiber cloth. If streaks remain, repeat the process. You may also have to repeat the process once or twice for grimy areas.

Keep in mind that these tips apply to the side of the window that the tint is applied on. This is usually the interior side. This portion of the cleaning can be done as part of an interior vehicle detailing.

Washing Tinted Windows by Hand Is Best

We recommend a car wash by hand rather than an automated car wash if you have tinted windows. The washer in an automated car wash may include low-quality abrasive soap or wipers with an abrasive surface. Even if the tint is in the interior, abrasive material just isn’t good for any part of the vehicle.

We Clean Vehicles with Tinted Windows

Tinted windows require special care to prevent streaks and bubbles. Bring your car to Henry’s Auto Detail for a washing and restoration. Washing tinted car windows is an intricate process that we perform with the utmost care.

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