The Right Way to Clean Automobile Glass

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Cleaning the windshield seems like a straightforward job. However, the process is more intricate than most people realize. The method most car owners utilize can scratch the surface. In this article we explain the ideal way to clean automobile glass.

Use the Right Cleaning Materials

We are very selective about the materials we use when detailing a vehicle. This is because common materials, such as paper towels and Windex, can be abrasive.

Instead, use a microfiber cloth, which has an electrostatic charge that helps pick up surface particles. A plain towel just spreads the particulates around your windshield. If you don’t have access to a microfiber cloth, then using newspaper is an acceptable alternative. Contrary to belief, the ink will not leech into the glass. Both microfiber cloth and newspaper leave less lint, smudging, and streaks on your windshield.

We also don’t recommend typical household window sprays. These contain ammonia, which can dehydrate the surface, causing cracks and discoloration. A mineral spirit is a good natural cleaner.

The Proper Cleaning Technique

For the best automobile glass finish, refrain from cleaning the windshield under high temperatures. Heat accelerates evaporation, which leaves behind a residue. When wiping, use a straight up and down motion rather than a circular motion. We know many people do the latter because of the wax-on-wax-off idea from the Karate Kid. However, we believe up and down more effectively removes particles.

The aforementioned technique and materials apply for both the interior and exterior glass. This also goes for the side and rearview mirrors. These are the processes we follow as part of our wash and wax package.

We Restore and Clean Automobile Glass

Our restoration includes all glass components. Schedule an appointment with Henry’s Auto Detail. We clean the windows inside and out. This way, you have full visibility of the road. Cleaning automobile glass requires the right procedure to ensure that the windows incur no damage.

Automobile Windshield Restoration

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