Car Detailing for Christmas? Why Detailing Makes the Perfect Gift

car detailing, detailing giftDo you have the ideal gift in mind for every person on your Christmas list? Every December, customers often bring a loved one’s car to our shop for a full wash and wax or a restoration. We explain why car detailing as Christmas gift is a growing trend.

Why Car Detailing Makes the Ideal Holiday Gift

You probably know how challenging it can be to find the right gift for some people. These are the non-materialistic folks. You can always settle for a gift card, but that’s kind of lame, passé even.

Detailing the recipient’s car is not exactly a conventional gift. This is one reason why we recommend it. And, if you want to surprise someone, this is the way to do it.

The Ideal Gift for Spouses

Buying a gift for your spouse is perhaps the most challenging of all. How do you find a gift your significant other will find useful and sentimental? This is especially a nice gift for someone who commutes often or owns a luxury car.

Plus, with a spouse, you have easy access to his or her car. Just say you want to borrow it for a minute to run some errands.

Car Detailing Options

We offer two vehicle detailing options: a super and an executive detail package. The former is the more common option and includes an exterior wash by hand and interior vacuuming and shampooing. The executive package includes all of the above plus some extra treatment, such as a hand wax and surface clay treatment. The executive package works especially nice as a corporate gift.

We Detail Cars for Christmas

Are you still seeking out that ideal gift for that special someone? Why not bring that person’s car to Henry’s Auto Detail for an interior and exterior detail? Car detailing as a Christmas gift is terrific for people who treat their cars as if it’s their child.

Holiday-Time Vehicle Detailing

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