Cloth Vs Leather Car Seats: Which Is Best?

cloth vs leather car seats, leather car seats, cloth car seatsWhen you buy a new vehicle, the conflict of cloth vs leather car seats enters your life. Is one better than the other? Does one require more upkeep? We examine the pros and cons of each, so you can make an informed decision during your next dealership visit.

Why Choose Leather?

You can’t deny that leather exudes an eloquent and high-class vibe. This is certainly the car seat of choice for luxury car buyers. Simply put, leather is an indication of wealth and high status.

Leather is also easier to clean and restore because the surface is less porous than cloth.

One drawback of leather is that the surface absorbs heat. Your legs and bum are especially going to feel it on a hot summer commute. If you happen to have black leather, then the heat absorption is even worse.

Leather may also not be the best option if you travel with kids and pets in tow. Tykes and canines can leave a mess and damage the material you paid a premium price for.

Why Choose Cloth?

Cloth is often the default and base option. While it’s not fancy, you won’t have to pay premium price. In other words, it’s a huge money saver. Cloth also doesn’t absorb heat and cold the way leather does.

One huge drawback of cloth, though, is that it’s vulnerable to stains. Certain liquids, such as blood and motor oil, can leave permanent stains that require professional detailing to completely remove. This is especially the case with light-colored cloth.

We Restore Cloth and Leather Car Seats

We remove stains from both run-of-the-mill cloth and tanned cow skin. Bring your car to Henry’s Auto Detail for a wash and wax to go with the interior restoration. Both cloth and leather car seats require regular maintenance to keep them clean and germ-free.

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