How to Prevent Car Paint Oxidation

prevent car paint oxidation, remove car paint oxidationAfter years of exposure to the elements, a car begins to lose its once-glorious shine. If you wait until oxidation sets in, then the paint surface loses the appearance of depth and takes on a dull color. This is all due to car paint oxidation. We’ll explain the cause and how you can prevent it so you won’t need to remove it later.

What Is Oxidization?

If you have owned your car for several years, you may notice the paint beginning to fade. A black-as-night hue becomes grayish, or a flaming red becomes pink. Contrary to popular belief, this is not the result of buildup from contaminants such as road salt and hard rain. The uppermost layer of the car may have oxidized due to long-term humidity exposure. Once extensive oxidization sets in, the only recourse is a costly auto paint job that will remove the car paint oxidation.

How to Prevent Oxidization

To preserve the shine, you need to regularly “feed” the uppermost paint layer. You can do this with a good coat of wax to provide a protective layer. A clay bar treatment is another option.

If minor signs of oxidization have already set in, you might be able to restore the shine using a buffer and a polish, glaze, or sealant. The process, however, isn’t as simple as you may think. The steps differ slightly, depending on your car’s finish.

If you have a clear coat finish, buffing too deep may erode the clear coat. On the other hand, if you have a conventional finish, buffing can remove the uppermost, oxidation-exposed layer and reveal the next layer underneath.

We Prevent Car Paint Oxidization

Due to the complexity of the task, we recommend leaving the vehicle detail to Henry’s Auto Detail. Depending on the extent of oxidization and type of finish, we may be able to restore the car’s shine. We do recommend regular visits for preventing car paint oxidization altogether.

Auto Detailing and Oxidization Prevention

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