Give A Christmas Car Detailing Gift This Year!

Christmas car detailingHaving a hard time deciding on the ideal gift for your loved one? Here is a novel idea: how about a Christmas car detailing gift? This may be a good option if you have already exhausted all other ideas. A surprise car restoration a few days before or after the holidays will surly put a smile on the recipient’s face.

Why Car Detailing as a Christmas Present?

Why not? In past years, you may have given conventional gifts, such as a watch, bracelet, leather wallet, or handbag. After a few years, you just run out of ideas. Coming up with a gift is especially a difficult decision when the recipient isn’t a materialistic person. A detail is also a nice gift if the owner tends to neglect basic car care aesthetics.

How to Do It

Obviously, you will have to borrow the person’s car, and you will have to give this gift several days before or after Christmas. Just make up an excuse to use the car. Hopefully, he or she isn’t stingy about loaning the vehicle.

Once the car is at the detail shop, request the full treatment, including an interior detail and wash and wax.

A vehicle detail can also be a supplementary gift to a bigger present. Perhaps you want to modify the car with an add-on accessory, install chrome rims, or enhance the seating with leather stitching. You can add a detail as the cherry on top of the sundae.

We Detail Cars This Holiday

Car owners often neglect car care due to a busy schedule. This provides the perfect gifting opportunity if you know someone who loves their car like a child. Secretly bring the car to Henry’s Auto Detail. We’ll perform a car detail as a Christmas gift so you can cross one person off your holiday shopping list.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

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